Parenting Black and Brown Children

Meet the Panelists

Yasmine Fillmore
Yasmine Fillmore is a development professional with over 10 years of non profit experiences. She currently is the alumni relations director at a New York City independent school that is also her Alma mater.  She resides in Connecticut with her husband, 5 year old daughter and fat cat.
Adeela Hussain Johnson

Building a vision, developing a strategy, aligning resources and people to get to the finish line together is what Adeela does best. She has a proven ability to lead, develop and nurture teams to launch, build and grow businesses and brands. She is comfortable taking calculated risks and navigating through ambiguous and complex business environments. She has owned and managed diverse P&L’s ranging from $20M to $600M. As a child she was often observed as the inquisitive and curious type. As an adult, not much has changed. When she has the answers she needs, she moves quickly and ambitiously and has a lot of fun along the way. It is no surprise that she began her career seeking to understand clients’ hopes and dreams for their future and helping them to build financial stability to achieve their goals in life. After getting her MBA, she joined the world of Brands, Marketing and Merchandising with companies ranging from large fortune 50 to pre-launch start-ups. She is currently the President for influencer-led travel lifestyle brand BÉIS, which she launched two years ago. Outside of work, she spends most of her time with her three children and husband in Redondo Beach, California. She was born in Pakistan and spent the formative years of her life in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since the age of 11 she has moved more than 20 times both domestically and internationally; she married outside of her race and culture and now has three bi-ethnic, bi-religious and bi-racial children. Her life experiences have helped her establish a value system that has overcomes adversity, welcomes diversity and loves a good challenge.

Sope Ogunyemi
Sope Ogunyemi is an Entertainment, Digital Marketing & Business Development Executive with a track record of building impactful marketing & advertising campaigns both as an intrepreneur and entrepreneur. She is an Advisor and Consultant for brands and start-ups and she has worked across the Entertainment ecosystem at major studios and networks including Nickelodeon, CBS, Oxygen Media and Hulu. Sope is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and received her MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business. She is lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two young sons.
Sharita Thompson, M.Ed

Sharita is the owner and founder of Parent With Clarity and the Parentpiphany, membership program. Her innovative platform is changing the way in which parents can be supported while managing their EVERYDAY lives. Sharita helps parents achieve their goals while finding joy and gratitude, no matter where they are in their journey. 

When not wrangling her two children, you can usually find her on her computer helping the Parent WIth Clarity Community with juggling all the things in their lives. Becasue she’s obsessed with all things pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. 

Her jam is… productivity, organization and education (she’s even got my Master’s in Education). Sharira loves to chat about the things that matter most to her: motherhood + raising kiddos, building community, family, fighting social + racial injustices, helping parents navigate the challenges of parenthood and bringing awareness to obstetric violence.

Cecilia Olusola Tribble
Cecilia Olusola Tribble is an cultural and racial equity educator and coach. She has almost 20 years of arts and cultural education, curriculum and program design experience; and more recently— organizational development and local government experience. Tribble’s work is about freeing institutional imaginations through cultural education, equity coaching, lectures, workshops and consultation that leads to systemic transformation. Her coaching and facilitation style is focused on helping clients open their eyes to what is hiding in plain sight. She partners with foundations, universities, nonprofits, for profits, art organizations, journalists, government departments, hospitals, faith communities, and executive leaders. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from The University of Memphis – where her concentration was double bass; a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University Divinity School — where she received a certificate in Black Church Studies and a certificate in Black Religion and Culture; and a Master of Arts in Performance Studies from New York University (Tisch School of the Arts) — where her concentration was the intersection of race and gender performance.

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