Meet Kwamara

Social entrepreneur, Kwamara Thompson has always been fighting for positive change by leading with her passion for education. As an accomplished speaker, consultant, educator, and activist, Kwamara has started multiple ventures throughout her career to help people improve their lives, to help organizations become equity and empathy focused, and to help alleviate the structures of systemic racism.

Kwamara has always believed that entrepreneurship and education are often the best ways to attain financial freedom; to live the quality of life you want to live.

A natural-born businesswoman, Kwamara started her entrepreneurial career at the early age of eight, when she began creating her own children’s books and then selling them to her friends. When she first began working as a classroom teacher, Kwamara was also consulting on the side, helping school districts develop curricula and after school programming. Eventually, she decided to formalize these endeavors and create her own consulting business, TEC: Thompson Education Consulting, helping school districts, non-profit organizations, and small businesses, with professional development, programming,  and creating high-performing positive work environments.

As a Black female entrepreneur, Kwamara wants those in her community to succeed, and through marrying her passions for leadership, activism, and education, she has been able to help many in her community attain their financial and entrepreneurial goals. Over the past 10 years, Kwamara has created multiple initiatives, products, and services all under the TEC umbrella, acquiring multiple streams of income, servicing individuals across the country, and helping companies create more equitable, empathetic, and human-centered organizations.

Areas of Strength

People Management 
External Partnerships 
Creating highly successful teams
Building Capacity 
Programmatic Quality (DDI)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)