Thompson Education Consulting

Kwamara Thompson

With her experience as an educator, entrepreneur and consultant, TEC, LLC has helped:

  • Numerous organizations with their strategic growth plan for partnerships, programmatic quality, building capacity of their team, creating and managing successful teams, leading with empathy, and thinking with equity in mind.
  • Individual attain their financial freedom goals
  • Has been promoting sistahood, community, and empowerment for over 20 years.
  • One of her life’s missions is to help black communities attain financial empowerment and generational wealth
  • Invested in small businesses owned by black women across the country
  • Executive Producer of several plays written by black women in NYC and London
  • YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers
  • Has established herself in many professional and social communities for women and people of color. As a result TEC, LLC already has a…
  • Waiting list of black women eager to join the I am a Black Woman, Yes I Matter community. Through her consultancy, Kwamara and TEC, LLC
  • Has a portfolio of clients ready to access the talent that will be on the platform

Black Women Matter on Givitas

Black Women Matter is a community to promote sistahood, community, and empowerment. It is a safe spaces for dialogue, sustained action, and positivity. Givitas gives us an easy and efficient way to exchange help, advice, resources, connections, and introductions. Givitas was built to encourage our generosity, connection, gratitude, and trust. For this community to work, we must all be willing to ask for help and share our resources with others. In doing so, we feel a sense of belonging, expand our networks, get ahead, save time, and build community.

Black Women Matter on Youtube

I am a Black Woman, Yes I Matter
is about elevating our stories, empowering ourselves and educating others about the experiences of black women across the globe.